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Facebook Login allow users to sign into your website using their Facebook account credentials without sign up on your website. If you want to test Facebook login at the localhost server, then your App Domains should be localhost. Toggle navigation Tutorials PHP WordPress Drupal CodeIgniter CakePHP How ToDemosScriptsDealsServicesWeb Tools . fbconfig.php file overview. See this guide to get large size profile picture in Facebook PHP SDK October 5, 2017 at 7:47 PM Satchmo Said. Need to go and click on add a new group button to make the app ID. Great Coding codeworld&. SupportPlatform StatusDevelopers GroupMarketing PartnersBugs.. .. Thanks codexworld. Print . PHP - Facebook Login. Once you submit the contact email, you would be able to enable the apps live option. I dont understand this well, I read the official developer site, search Google and found this. SDKsiOS SDKAndroid SDKJavaScript SDKPHP SDKUnity SDK. Login With Facebook. Jump toSections of this pageAccessibility HelpPress alt + / to open this menuRemoveTo help personalize content, tailor and measure ads, and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. db)){//Connecttothedatabase$conn=newmysqli($this->dbHost,$this->dbUsername,$this->dbPassword,$this->dbName);if($conn->connecterror){die("FailedtoconnectwithMySQL:".$conn->connecterror);}else{$this->db=$conn;}}}functioncheckUser($userData=array()){if(!empty($userData)){//Checkwhetheruserdataalreadyexistsindatabase$prevQuery="SELECT*FROM".$this->userTbl."WHEREoauthprovider='".$userData['oauthprovider']."'ANDoauthuid='".$userData['oauthuid']."'";$prevResult=$this->db->query($prevQuery);if($prevResult->numrows>0){//Updateuserdataifalreadyexists$query="UPDATE".$this->userTbl."SETfirstname='".$userData['firstname']."',lastname='".$userData['lastname']."',email='".$userData['email']."',gender='".$userData['gender']."',locale='".$userData['locale']."',picture='".$userData['picture']."',link='".$userData['link']."',modified='".date("Y-m-dH:i:s")."'WHEREoauthprovider='".$userData['oauthprovider']."'ANDoauthuid='".$userData['oauthuid']."'";$update=$this->db->query($query);}else{//Insertuserdata$query="INSERTINTO".$this->userTbl."SEToauthprovider='".$userData['oauthprovider']."',oauthuid='".$userData['oauthuid']."',firstname='".$userData['firstname']."',lastname='".$userData['lastname']."',email='".$userData['email']."',gender='".$userData['gender']."',locale='".$userData['locale']."',picture='".$userData['picture']."',link='".$userData['link']."',created='".date("Y-m-dH:i:s")."',modified='".date("Y-m-dH:i:s")."'";$insert=$this->db->query($query);}//Getuserdatafromthedatabase$result=$this->db->query($prevQuery);$userData=$result->fetchassoc();}//Returnuserdatareturn$userData;}}?> Facebook API Configuration (fbConfig.php) In fbConfig.php file, define Facebook App ID ($appId), App Secret ($appSecret), Callback URL ($redirectURL), and Permissions ($fbPermissions) to connect with Facebook API and working with SDK. Go to the Facebook App Dashboard and log in with your Facebook account. Previous Page . It shows only 50*50 px version and when i try to get the bigger picture manually using it shows error: Invalid URL signature October 5, 2017 at 12:14 PM CodexWorld Said. November 9, 2017 at 6:04 AM Tamer Said. getSessionFromRedirect(); }catch( FacebookRequestException $ex ) { // When Facebook returns an error }catch( Exception $ex ) { // When validation fails or other local issues } // see if we have a session if ( isset( $session ) ) { // graph api request for user data $request = new FacebookRequest( $session, 'GET', '/me' ); $response = $request->execute(); // get response $graphObject = $response->getGraphObject(); $fbid = $graphObject->getProperty('id'); // To Get Facebook ID $fbfullname = $graphObject->getProperty('name'); // To Get Facebook full name $femail = $graphObject->getProperty('email'); // To Get Facebook email ID /* –– Session Variables ––-*/ $SESSION['FBID'] = $fbid; $SESSION['FULLNAME'] = $fbfullname; $SESSION['EMAIL'] = $femail; /* –– header location after session ––*/ header("Location: index.php"); }else { $loginUrl = $helper->getLoginUrl(); header("Location: ".$loginUrl); } ?> . Download our source code, it contains all the required files and Facebook SDK. Before you begin to integrate Login with Facebook using PHP, take a look at the folders and files structure. Find more of what you're looking for with Facebook Search. Yes, you can get large size profile picture from Facebook, see this tutorial November 30, 2017 at 7:01 PM Nathan Said. How can i get a bigger version of facebook profile picture. how to download facebook sdk library July 21, 2017 at 5:40 AM CodexWorld Said. ToolsGraph API ExplorerOpen Graph DebuggerObject BrowserJavaScript Test ConsoleAPI Upgrade ToolFacebook Analytics. At first, create a database (like codexworld) and run the below SQL on the database 5a02188284
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